The Genius Matrix: Building the Bridge to your Destiny

Steve Jobs once said, “If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”

Are you facing challenges in your life? Are your relationships fulfilling? Does your work activate your highest joy? Are you peaceful? Does your body feel vibrant and full of energy? Are you in transition?  If you answered no to any of these questions you are not alone. The inner world of our lives can pose the greatest challenges because they are not seen. On top of all this the outer world of everyday life on earth is also experiencing extraordinary challenges, conflict and turmoil.

The Human Race Faces Extraordinary Challenges

Our planet has never been so challenged. According to one study, climate change  is killing four hundred thousand people each year and is expected to rise to six hundred thousand by 2030. The social and economic toll is hundreds of billions. Last year in the U.S. there were a record number of overdoses and suicides. We are literally killing ourselves and committing ecocide. 

Our current mindset and approach to living in the world is destroying our home and our lives. A recent survey found that 80% of us are stressed out and 60% are unhappy. What Gives? 

There is much talk about creating a sustainable future. This implies survival. Understandably, we are faced with major challenges that threaten our very existence. Many biological scientists have concluded that the sixth great extinction is well underway. 

Over the course of the millennium, life forms that have survived periods of species die have all adopted to their environment. 

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Building a Bridge to an Amazing Future

The Genius Matrix is a bridge from an outmoded mindset of survival (problem mindset) to a new mindset of adaptation (solution mindset). This Genius Mind thrives beyond survival. All transitions, be it in relationships, at work or with your health most often require that we call upon or abilities to adapt to a new environment and way of living on the planet and together.

What key insights are needed to cross the bridge to this new mindset?

A bridge connects two separate parts, be it a landmass or as a metaphor that connects a past event to a future one.  Quantum Theory theorized that everything is entangled within the entire universe. All things are interconnected and you and I are the bridge that connects it all into one whole, holographic system. There is one big problem. We experience ourselves as being separate from everything and everyone and have forgotten that our mindset is the bridge beyond the problem.

Creating a Radically New Mindset

Fear, conflict and anger trigger the mindset of separation resulting in actions that are unpleasant. When this happens we default into a survival mode of fight or flight. This is a problem that seemingly has no solution.

Einstein famously said, “you cannot solve the problem from the same thinking you used when you created it.”

So how do we solve the problem and cross the bridge to a new genius mindset?

Problems either occur on the outside or they occur as a direct result of a condition on the inside of us. If you want to solve any problems in your relationships, at work, with your health or state of mind, there is good news.

Here’s the good news. You are the problem.

Why is that good news? Because the solution is entirely in your hands. The old mindset wants to always separate the problem from the solution. That way you keep searching for the solution but never find it. What key steps can you take to solve the problem once and for all? 

I have developed a simple 5 step process called the Genius Process:

1) Find the source of the problem and change it; It's an inside job

2) Identify the inner conflict and eliminate it; Ego v. Spirit

3) Create a new mindset and live it; Eliminate thoughts of fear, anger, guilt and share

4) Experience authentic self-love and relish in it; Discover the inner presence of your true self 

5) Develop inner peace; Create certainty, safety and community

The secret, Inner Peace

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Building the bridge to Genius is a journey that requires a clear intention.

To gain clarity, it takes a proven process to cross the bridge and claim your truth and destiny. If you are ready to rebuild your life in a manner that will bring you to a place of your highest joy, then why wait another moment? May your journey to genius be smooth and bring you all that your heart desires.