Tapping your Power to Cultivate your Dreams

Would you plant your vegetables seeds in toxic soil? Have you ever wondered why things are “going wrong”, or how life seems “screwed up” ? Just like the soil in the garden must be nutrient rich and non toxic so to should the body. Ideas are like seeds. The successful outcome of that one seed idea taking root, budding and producing fruit depends on two things:

1) the health of the soil you plant it in, your body

2) how well you nurture it along. To dream a new dream into manifestation it requires that we clean up and clean out the old soil.

The soil that supported that old dream likely does not support your new dream. Perhaps you drink allot, take drugs, legal or otherwise, drink or smoke. Maybe you have high levels of stress or get angry often. These all pollute our soil. Even the air we breathe is polluted.

The science of epigenetics now shows us that your environment has the potential to turn on and off your genes. If your environment does not foster your One seed idea then take a close look at the soil you are planting it in. The environments of our lives; relationships, places of work, thoughts we think, feelings and so on, all determine the outcome of what you want to manifest.

Most importantly the abundance you seek in life is directly related to the fertility of the soil you plant in. Cultivate your power by cultivating your soil and you too will produce extraordinary outcomes.

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Adam Hall