Becoming a 5D Human: Have you tapped your Ultimate Superpower?

What is a 5 dimensional human? How do you acquire extraordinary power?

The previous blog on divination offers some deep insights on how to discover your multi-sensory, multi dimensional nature. To tap into your ultimate power as a 5D human you will need to understand two forces of nature:

1) the past and future exist in the same time space continuum. Both are accessed in the present moment.

2) The quantum field, where all things, in all time and no time,  exist simultaneously. This is no separation. Let’s explore how you can put this knowledge to work for yourself?

Firstly, in a time space reality there is a past, present and future. All things and people are separate. This 3 dimensional reality insures that the past is always influencing the present and future. This mindset constructs, perceives, thinks and acts according to pre existing events. This is the mind that functions according to fate. It is born and dies. The 3D human is pushed forward in time. It evolves according to physical law and believes it is solely a body that eventually dies.

Secondly, 5D humans are infinite in that they live according to Universal and Spiritual Laws. There is no time or space. They are inter connected in the Oneness of the Universe. 5D humans understand the nature of a 3D reality yet know how to shape time and space to co-create the future. In other words, they are always, like the ancient mystic and avatars of old, dreaming their world into being. Everything, in every moment is radically new. They have tapped the secrets of the Universe to become the creator of their destiny. 5D humans know they are spirit as much as they exist in a body. They know they are immortal and eternal. This mindset of genius gives the 5D human a freedom from a limited life experience. They live in a 3D world yet know how to entangle themselves in the quantum field of infinite potential of the 5th dimension.

All dimensions and all “realities” exist in this moment. They are not created, they are experienced. Within each dimension every person can co-create a reality of their choosing subject to the Laws of that reality. In the physical world of 3D we create a very limited life experience based on exclusively on physical laws. Our science was founded on the idea that if you can not see “it”, it does not exist. Ultimately there is only one reality and that is pure bliss where nothing becomes everything.

To tap into your 5D nature you must unlearn and “undevelop” the mindset of the ego that separates every word, every thought, every perception in every moment. I developed the Genius process that is comprised a 5 step program to bridge the gap between 3D and 5D human.

Please feel free to check out my website and explore for yourself or go to my YouTube where you will find over 50 videos. Below you can click to get a worksheet that will help you unlearn the habits of old to become a radically new 5D human.

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Adam Hall