Earthkeeper - The Book


The EarthKeeper is an inspiring story about a ruthless millionaire who woke up from his worldly life to become a steward of the planet in the sacred tradition of the Hopi, Maya, and Incan cultures. It’s a tale of high adventure filled with tears and heartbreak, transcendence and triumph, fate and destiny, peace and love.

One day as Adam Hall was racing through life he met a palm reader who spoke of separation. This one word triggered a series of questions about death, life, and purpose. Figuring that, if he could not realize his purpose on earth, than what’s it all worth anyway? Was he to live fully or just bide his time until death?

Step-by-step, this line of questioning exploded life, as he knew it. It propelled him on a quest that cost him his family and more. His work in real estate dwindled drastically because he was utterly through with the dog-eat-dog mentality of doing business, and sought a new way. He lost his self-identity, because who are you if you suddenly realize that key aspects of your life was based on illusions? In The EarthKeeper, Adam turns his world upside down and opens the door to an entirely new perspective.

Following his quest, we will journey along with him as he travels the globe and discovers the ancient map of his soul. He shares the “highs and lows” as he traverses four roads of life, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and divine. Along the way he discovers the secrets of nature and all of life. All the while, we’ll see how he courageously faces his own demons and takes responsibility for his former ruthlessness and misdeeds, and slowly, but surely, finds an inner peace unassailable by outer events.

Finally, working with shamans in Peru, he receives a vision that wakes him up to his destiny: he will be among those who assume the sacred duty of preserving and honoring our precious humanity. He finds environmental redemption and vows to foster planetary well-being.


Praise for Earthkeeper


"What makes Adam's story so compelling is not only the skill with which it is told, or the details of his many daring (and often amusing) adventures - or even his willingness to bare his naked psyche to the judgment of his readers. This book is important because it serves as a perfect mirror for our times, a brilliant guide and resource to assist those who are now stepping onto the path."

Ph.D., Founder, The Four Winds Society, and author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

"The Earthkeeper is an authentic, revealing story about the inner world of the human psyche. Adam C. Hall illustrates how intention, fearlessness, and love can awaken the heart to the joy of being."

Ph.D., President & CEO, HeartMath Inc.

"Hall puts forth a microcosmic model of how our overly materialistic world, with its destructive blindness, really could turn itself around and become spiritually and emotionally aware, with a civilization to match. True to his name, Adam is like an archetypal 'first man' of the Age of Aquarius, with all the ups and downs, clarity and confusion, humor and humanness that such a dawning engenders."

Astrologer & author of Understanding the Future

"The Earthkeeper is a rite of passage that turns a contemporary businessman - otherwise headed towards self-ruin and oblivion - into a gentle, wise guardian of the Earth. This courageously conveyed tale of environmental redemption should give every would-be Gordon Gekko ample pause, if not sufficient motivation to turn greed into selfless service and hedonism into a love of nature."

Ph.D., ecologist, filmmaker, and author of Voice of the Planet