Unleash Your Genius

Where Mindset Meets Manifestation


“I am a Speaker, Author and Life Architect. I help people to abstract the treasures of the inner world of spirit and integrate them into their outer world experiences of Relationships, Work, and Wellness to unleash their Genius. ”

Life is a Mindset


In the Genius Studio, we eliminate conflict, chaos, and confusion from your life, freeing you into fulfilling relationships, vast wealth, perfect wellness by unleashing your genius.



Design the life you want today with Adam's teachings and the Genius Process in these core areas.

"Shift your experience of others from one of conditional needs and wants to one of unconditional gifts and rewards."

"Create a complete and harmonic lifestyle that includes the health of body, mind, spirit and home."

"Design a foundational blueprint to free you from an outdated model and build a work experience of your highest calling."

"Tap into wonder, imagination, invention, and innovation to express your true nature as a co-creator of life."

 Become the Author, Architect and Authority of Your Reality


Work with Adam in the Genius Studio to help architect your life.  Feel free to reach out to him now.



Adam is a renowned inspirational speaker focused on helping people unleash their genius. Audiences leave energized, ready to take purposeful action in their Relationships, Work, Wellness and Mindset. 


Nothing is More Powerful than Your Ability to Create or Mis-Create.


The Wisdom Library is full of bite-size video messages from Adam. They will inspire you to consider what's possible in shaping yourself, your community and the planet and offer practical tips to fulfill your life's purpose.