The Power of Portals

What does this photo reveal?

There are two Mindsets: one that lives in fear and allows the past to determine its future. It waits until life takes its course and lives according to fate. And there is a mindset that steps into the future and lives life boldly with fearless courage and Co-creates destiny. It finds in the present moment a graceful flow of peace, love, joy and unlimited abundance.

Recently I had a moment to experience a portal right in my backyard.

The grandmother oaks in my garden here in Santa Barbara had a message for all of us.

At first I was intrigued by the depth of the portal and the fog moving through it. As I began to imagine going into it I was stopped by the gatekeeper, the chain hanging from the left side of the tree in the foreground. It spoke, β€œto enter you must unchain yourself from the past and all that no longer serves you. If you do you can enter and discover a treasure that will help you unleash your genius and launch you into your destiny.”

The past is choice that we default to in the moment. The same holds true for what we are becoming. The future is a choice that we choose in every moment.

Will you say yes to a mindset that unleashes your destiny? Will you say yes to your power and Truth?

This video will offer some key insights into portals and the power of the mystery to help you manifest a new dream.

You may also want to check out my Life Assessment. This will help remove anything for the past that not longer serves you as you step into your destiny.

Adam Hall