The Greatest Joke: It’s no Joking Matter!

Nearly every spiritual tradition, Eastern and Western, speak in terms of becoming enlightened, awakened, self realized or Self Actualized. Nearly all want you to believe that you have fallen asleep or live in darkness or an function in an unconscious state. The spiritual path has as its primary purpose to awaken the individual from a mindset of unconsciousness to a mindful state of consciousness and enlightenment.

Implicit in these teaching and philosophies is that we are not enlightened beings and we must do something to become enlightened. In other words you must study, read, practice and heal your life. While all is true what we most often forget is that we are already enlightened beings. You need not acquire something to become enlightened.

The Course in Miracles teaches that in order to remember our natural state of enlightenment we need not learn anything. Rather, we must only recognize and unlearn the mindset that thinks we are not enlightened. This mindset is controlled by the ego. The ego thinks that it is separate and unconscious. It wants you to believe that you are unenlightened because when you remember this innate state of being, the ego will disappear.

We fear the disappearance of the ego because that means our sense of identity will disappear as well. When we identify with the ego our entire lives are associated with its thought system. When the ego disappears, it wants you to believe you too will disappear. When you realize that you are not an ego, body, or mind you will remember that you are an enlightened soul. Because the ego does not exist, its made up, you can un make it. To do this requires what the various traditions teach and practice.

Let's remember that we do not obtain something to be enlightened. When we let go of the ego we can remember what is and always will be, we are spiritual beings. Those who die an ego death are the ones that truly live. Why, because then and only then do we remember that we are spirit. And spirit is enlightened by its very nature.

The greatest joke ever told was told by the greatest joker ever known, the ego.

You are already an enlightened being. The mindset of spirit lives in joy and does not play jokes upon us. Spirit shares unconditional love, joy, peace and abundance for all. And that’s no joke!

Are you ready to switch mindsets to remember your enlightened state? It’s yours for the asking.

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Adam Hall