No Risk, No Reward

Do you believe that you can get everything (not just something) for nothing? This is not a trick question. Everything in the Universe is available to each of us in every moment. However, there is a cost!

That being said, when we experience the outer world as separate from ourselves the world becomes everything we know. The ancient masters, like the Buddha, Jesus and others taught us that our desires to be separate from our true selves and others limit our life experience to one of suffering. When we experience the world as one and the same, everything become no-thing.  If you are willing to let go of the attachment to the everything in the material world then the everything becomes nothing. Paradoxically, you want nothing not everything. When you have nothing you have it all whereas when you desire everything you end up with nothing but suffering. How does what we think is everything ( material things) become nothing?

For the past 15 years I have studied, researched and experienced attachment and the mindset that governs every aspect of our lives. What I found is nothing short of a miracle. Our attachment to the world of form, the outer world of our lives, is what creates suffering. This is a mindset governed by the ego. In addition, the human instinct for safety does not want to take risk to get beyond this limiting mindset. How can you get beyond this self defeating mindset?

Often when we grasp and hold onto what we think want we are unable to manifest what we truly want. The mindset of abundance that can manifest anything you want requires conscious risk taking. Here are a few ideas to help you remember the mindset of happiness, love and abundance.

What if I told you that everything you can imagine is nothing without your health. It means nothing if your not happy nor peaceful.

Would you still want money and material belongings if you could not live your passion or be at peace? What I am suggesting here is that you can have it all, but you have to take a big risk.

I am not talking about financial risk or risking your life. I am talking about risking what you know to be safe, certain and easy. I am talking about finding the ultimate love, safety and certainty. Are you willing to risk what’s known to reach your highest potential?

Most of us are not willing to take much risk. As a matter of fact we are risk averse. Many of us would rather be miserable then risk the status quo. Why are we so averse to risk? One word, fear.

We fear two things in life:

1) Our Power; we are powerful beings that are gods and goddess. We have superpowers to accomplish major feats. We see these powers in our athletes, artists and innovators. Their genius is our genius. The only difference is that they have tapped the secrets of the Universe to remember their power and genius.

To do this they have broken the barrier of fear. They do not fear failure, they thrive on it. When they are down, they get up and become better. Steve Jobs who invented the Apple computer along with a few other genius collaborators, failed time and time again. He was determined to succeed and did because he did not fear of his power.

2) Rejection. It’s natural to avoid rejection, but in doing so the best things in life get avoided simultaneously. When we fear what others think of us we do not act in our highest interest. Often when we want to be seen we present ourselves in an inauthentic manner. This happens because we identify with the thought and idea that we are separate from others. The ego thinks and acts accordingly and keeps us from reaching our highest potential

If you want to overcome your fears check out this short worksheet on becoming a Master of Manifestation.

Life's magic happens not despite the risk of rejection but because of it. Risk is so essential to the story that without facing some kind of stakes, there is no story. I honor your courage and willingness to write a new story. This story can be one of your highest calling. One that defeats fear once and for all. One that embraces your power, that does not care about what others think.

When we risk what we have for what is seeking us, like love, peace, joy and abundance, we forgo our passion live an extraordinary life and shine our genius in the world.

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Adam Hall