Unleash Your Genius and Realize Your Highest Potential.

This process is an act of courage and begins with a simple question, “Am I content and fulfilled with my life experience?”

Being content and fulfilled requires a clear intention to discover who you are and why you are here.

In order for the answers to emerge it is necessary to insure that your form (your body) is in balance with your function (your genius). When you put form and function together and get in a natural rhythm, you will experience a joyful flow in your everyday life.

Form + Function + Flow = Optimum Life Experience

Outer form follows inner function. When your inner function is peaceful, and loving, your purpose will shine upon the outer experiences in Relationships, Work, Wellness and Mindset. You will be able to manifest all that you dream.

In this process, you will:

  • Evaluate your fulfillment across three key areas of life: Relationships, Work, and Health.

  • Quantify your satisfaction in life, utilizing a simple rating system.

  • Learn ways you can live more of your Genius immediately!


“Adam is somebody who walks the walk, talks the talk, and lives what he teaches. Anybody who chooses to work with Adam will shave many years of struggle and suffering off their journey, and  step right into their own self mastery.”

- Justin Faerman, Co-Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine & The Flow Consciousness Institute

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