Spirit of the Adventure

Adam shares his thoughts on how to tap into your inner joy.


We all have to grow up at some point in time. Some of us by choice and some not by choice. 

I happened to be thrown out of my childhood into, "Okay, you have to grow up. The world is a serious place. Get a job. Show up in your world."  I lived much of my life that way.

When I began to re-emerge into my center, my place of genius, feeling the joy of just being alive again, I began to get back in touch with that magical child that is innocent and curious about everything. I started to recall I used to go on hikes in the hills behind my house. My mom had only one rule, "Adam, when the sun sets, just be home for dinner."

I'd be out there all day long playing with my friends, having so much fun. It was all about the adventure, discovery, joy, and magic we shared together. That adventure spirit has stayed with me.

I would imagine most of us, or many of us, can get back in touch with that spirit of adventure, that one that is magical, that's curious, that wants to discover the magic of the journey, of just being so alive.

All my work, which I refer to as the laboratory of my life, through all the experience and thousands of hours and thousands of miles of travel, is about adventure. I make it not simply a quest with intention but I also make it about finding the joy, the magic and seeing what the next stone will uncover because, sure enough, the treasure is there.

I often think of the territory in the terms of a treasure map. How do we want to navigate? Do we want to head up to the lakes and the mountains or do we want to go into the temples.... ? Whatever that may look like for each of us, it is important to make the journey. The human experience is difficult and challenging, so why not make it fun? Why not create an adventure and also receive what I refer to as the magic and the medicine that comes with the territory?

I really enjoy that I've had some solid guides over the years and Mother Nature is one that I love so deeply. She is great partner to play with. She offers herself in all kinds of ways and doesn't ask for a handout. She just says, "Find the love of who you are in me." Sure enough, I've been able to tap into that source and receive all her great gifts, and I look forward to sharing more as the journey continues.

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