Manifestation Meditation

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Is there a secret to manifesting the life of your dreams?

Using the Law of Attraction can help you become a magnet for all your dreams.  

The Law of Attraction has become re-popularized in the last decade. Over the years, movies like The Secret, money gurus like Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, T. Harv Eker, authors like Jerry and Esther Hicks and many others have espoused the secrets of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction (LOA), is not some concept or idea, it is real and works in concert with Universal, Spiritual and Physical Law.

I have been using this in my life for many years and have developed my own way of working with it which I call The Genius Process for Manifestation.

This Guided Meditation will help you to:

  • Manifest your intention(s) in the areas of: Work, Relationships, Wellness and Mindset.

  • Create a practice to align of your Heart, Mind and Soul with that you wish to manifest.

  • Discover a Secret used by Ancient Masters to insure the intended outcome.

  • Share your Genius Everyday.

“Adam is somebody who walks the walk, talks the talk, and lives what he teaches. Anybody who chooses to work with Adam will shave many years of struggle and suffering off their journey, and  step right into their own self mastery.”

- Justin Faerman, Co-Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine & The Flow Consciousness Institute


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