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“Genius creates a work of art that reflects the abundance, beauty and love of the Soul.” - Adam Hall


The Law of Attraction has become re-popularized in the last decade.  Over the years, movies like The Secret, money gurus like Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, T Harv Eker,  authors like Jerry and Esther Hicks and many others have espoused the secrets of manifestation. The Law of Attraction (LOA), is not some concept or idea, it is real and works in concert with Universal, Spiritual and Physical Law.

Some of these so called money gurus are in business strictly to make money off you buying into a workshop or online program. They are in business for the transaction and not to build relationships that serve the greater good by creating more purposeful abundance for all. In addition, most of these experts do not give you the tools to remove the block(s) that make the LOA actually work on a consistent basis. And most importantly, you will want to be clear about the place within you that you manifest from. Think about a time when you manifested a relationship or a work opportunity and the very thing you manifest did not work out so well. Or it came temporarily, and then disappeared.


Here’s how the LOA works and how you can implement one simple technique to manifest all that you are dreaming of being. I have been using these for many years and have developed my own way of working with it which I call The Genius Process for Manifestation.

First, there are 4 Key Insights that you must know to manifest all you intend from The Genius Process of Manifestation.


Genius Mind is spiritual and constitutes the invisible universe of CAUSE.

Matter is physical and constitutes the visible universe of EFFECT.

You are both cause and effect. When the two are separated, your ability to manifest is limited and fleeting at best. When unified, you are unlimited and unstoppable.

The mind can be whole and create from a place where cause and effect are the same, also known as, the Genius Mind. Or, the mind can be separate and manifest from a place where cause and effect are different, also known as, the Ego Mind.

This is a subtle yet important difference. If you manifest from the Genius Mind, you invoke the Quantum Field of Abundance that can manifest through you what you intend. Whereas, if you are separate from the Quantum Field than you may get what you asked for, yet it will be temporary.

Do you want to manifest from a place that keeps giving and re-giving or do you want to manifest from a place that gives you what you want on a temporary basis? The latter most often leaves you in a place of continued wanting or more accurately put, a state of lack.

Both Genius and Ego can manifest, however, only Genius can manifest from the Quantum Field of Abundance on a continuous basis.  The key is to know the difference between Ego cause and effect, verses Genius cause and effect. One makes things happen from a place of mediocrity and the other creates from a place of masterful genius.

Let’s look at an example of Love. Pam wanted to attract a man into her life. She had been married and has two beautiful daughters. She decided to attune to her feelings of Love. She connected with her heart and felt the emotional and physical sensation of being in relationship. She started to visualize and imagine being with a man of her dreams. During the process she started dating and experiencing these feeling of love. After a couple years, she had yet to find the right man. She could not figure out why she had not met the right man.

What Pam was doing unconsciously, was looking to a man for the love she desired. She was attracting men from a place within herself that separated a man and love into two. In her mind, she perceived love and a man as one idea of being in “love”. Pam wanted to find love on the outside to fulfill the love she desired on the inside.


Pam began to find love for herself and developed a relationship with the place inside that felt most unloved. Once she healed that part of herself, she found a reservoir of untapped Love within. When she projected those feelings, thoughts and visions out into the world she immediately found the man of her dreams. As a matter of fact, the man she married one short year later, ‘exceeded all her expectations”.

What Pam did was to apply the Law of Attraction to the place within her that was whole and connect to the Quantum Field. Her genius was found in the place where she was the cause of love, not a man on the outside, that ultimately attracted the effect, which was the love of a man on the outside. The Love of the man was the same as the love she felt within herself. It’s an inside job. The Law of Abundance says that if you do not separate what you want from who you already are, you will attract more of what you want.

When Mind and Matter are separate, the Love that is seeking you can not find you because you are looking for it in the outer world when all along Love can be found in the inner world. When this happens the Love of who you are will flow endlessly into the world of matter and you will attract exactly for what you have asked.

The Key: Discernment.  Know the difference from where you are creating cause and effect from, EGO or GENIUS


Manifestation can began with the sensory body. You can see, hear, smell, touch and taste the thing you want to bring into your life. However, this is manifesting from the ego in separation. Remember, the ego can not manifest fully from the quantum field on a continuous basis, only the genius mind can. Zero point stillness requires that you practice meditation. You do not have be an experienced meditator to tap in the place within you that is perfectly still. You begin by sitting still in a quiet place. Focus on your breath and heart, being present for each inhale and exhale. Listen to sound of your breath. As you get into a state a inner calmness, which is an Alpha state that is just beyond the body, your thoughts and the environment, you will feel the presence of stillness.  

This is the place where you are closest to creation, which is also known as the quantum field, where all possibilities exist.

Keep returning to this place day after day. The zero point stillness is the birthplace of what you want to manifest. Think of it like a baby in the womb. It needs time to gestate into form and become whole. Take time to share your feeling of love and gratitude for its coming birth. Imagine it, see it unfolding, don’t hurry it, otherwise it will not make manifest. It will be stillborn or not make it into the world if you start deciding what it should look like or when it should come into your life. Let creation, as your partner in manifestation do what it does best. Your job is to midwife it into the world.

Genius gives your mindset the whole idea which is already complete. This in turn allows the brain and body to manifest it into form. Think of an acorn from an oak tree. Within that one tiny seed contains the entirety of the tree. In your womb of creating, your genius is giving birth to what will soon become manifest.

Keep in mind, pun intended, that manifestation does not come from the senses of the body but the writings of the heart.

In other words, it's not physical desire that creates what you intend, it’s spiritual attunement of the heart and soul in creation’s womb that manifests all that you want.

The Key: Presence. Get into the place in your breath that is still. Herein lies the womb of creation. The seed point of all that you intend to manifest. Find out more by clicking link below



You must give that which you receive in order to keep manifestation in motion. Re-giving of a gift you received does not necessarily mean that you will give it to another person. It may mean, as you will see in the example, you are giving back to the land. Perhaps, you are giving in a traditional sense of giving to an organization. You may also, share your art, music, writings etc. Anything that occurs as a result of your heart extending itself into the world for the benefit of others is an act of re-giving.

Let’s look an example of creating Wealth.  If you want a piece of land to grow food there is plenty of it and its can come cheap or even free. It all depends on your willingness to re-give what you received. Let’s say you find a piece of land in a desert. It has a well, yet it is barren. You must now re-give your time, effort and  love to the land in order for it to bear food. The land in turn than gives back to you nutrients which in turn you can re-give to others and then be compensated for your time, effort and love.  The quantum field of manifestation works with you not for you. While this example is seemly not very interesting, it is to share the importance of re-giving. The act of passing along what you have received amplifies into the world, and as a result, you will attract more abundance.

The Key: The foundational energy behind the Law of Attraction, Spiritual and Universal Law says that Giving is Receiving. Using your spiritual wealth to create your material wealth will result in the manifestation of your dreams.


There are two wills in the Universe, Divine and Free Will. As a Quantum Creator you have access to both. The main goal of any human should be to create and experience a life of genius. The Human body is like a computer and creator all rolled into one. When you become centered in the Genius Mind you become the intersection of Divine and Free Will.

Divine Will: Collaboration with the Quantum Field of Abundance. This is where creation begins. It works with you, not for you.

Free Will:  In the world in which we live and create, you are free to do as you please.

Here’s the trick, when you align your free will to the Divine Will, you become a manifestor of your life experience. Every human being has the power to create. There are no exceptions nor limitations. Your job is to create from a place of Zero Point Stillness, nurture your creation, give birth to it into form, and re-give that which you were given.

The Key: Unify the two wills into one powerful idea that takes form in the world.



Here is a brief overview of how to get started to manifest whatever you intend. As I mentioned earlier, it's not just about what you manifest, it's about where you manifest from. The Law of Attraction does not discern between what is good, bad, right or wrong. You can attract the very thing you do not want. Be in a heightened state of discernment as you enter the Quantum Field of Abundance. Once you have an understanding of Mind and Matter, Zero Point Stillness, The Law of Giving and Re-giving and the Law of Two Wills you are ready to take the next step to dreaming your world into being. .

Let’s look at an example of Money. Jake was a man in his mid twenties. He comes from an everyday middle of the road family. He grew up near the ocean in California where there is an abundance of sun, fun and people living the “good” life. Jake wanted the same yet he did not have a particular skill nor training. He had no idea how he could manifest his dreams. So, he went on a journey to explore the world and what it could offer. Everywhere he went he saw people and abundance. Of course there was poverty and people who were less fortunate. He refused to believe in anything but his intention of unlimited abundance. Yet, he was challenged because the abundance was seemly something outside of himself that he must obtain.

Everything shifted for Jake when he began to think, feel and act abundant. He tuned into the abundance of his heart, off all that he had been given. He found his purpose and his life's calling when he realized that he was abundance itself. He had been giving all that he needed to manifest all that he dreamed. The game changer for Jake was when he began to share his own purpose, experience and wisdom with others. Now Jake is making seven figures.  

The Key: Act as if what you seek has already found you and be grateful that it has happened before it has happened.

To take a deep dive into the Genius Process for Manifestation click on the link below. I have added a big Bonus; A Manifestation Meditation for those of you who want to get real about what you are dreaming into being in 2019. Remember, the Quantum Field of Unlimited Abundance works with you, not for you. It does not make things happen in the world, you do.


The master genius of manifestation is one who cultivates the subtleties of Spirit. As you practice getting into this aspect of yourself there will be roadblocks. These challenges are related to past events, including but not limited to trauma, limiting beliefs, health issues, emotional and psychological abuse. There is no way to avoid these issues, nor should you. The road to manifestation is through these challenges. Every human being, in their own way, experiences challenges in life. Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own why not learn from those that have some answers to life's everyday challenges?

The beauty of the Genius Process for Manifestation is that as you get in touch with Divine Will. Divine Will will help expose what needs to be healed, learned and transformed. There is no failure on the road of manifestation. You will succeed. It’s not a question of if, only when.

May your Genius Shine Upon the World

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Adam Hall