"Adam has deep experience in the business world and has transformed his life to do such great work in our humanity. I highly recommend to engage with Adam. It's not only rewarding, it's extremely fun.”

CEO + Founder, Conscious Business Institute

"I have just had a most extraordinary day here with Adam Hall in what he calls 'The Garden of Co-Creation.' Adam is an evolutionary entrepreneur, co-creator, and spiritually attuned guide.

What is his guidance about? It's that frontier, a new emergent potential that humanity's facing in every field, in health, education, and  entrepreneurship. How do we take our next step so we can realize our own spiritual, social, and planetary potential? There is no course on this. You can't go to any university to find it out. But you can call Adam Hall."

Visionary, Futurist, Evolutionary Leader

"Adam is somebody who walks the walk, talks the talk, and lives what he teaches. He brings forward wisdom and knowledge.

Anybody who chooses to work with Adam will shave many years of struggle and suffering off their journey, and  step right into their own self mastery, and  reach the highest pinnacles of personal and spiritual development. Adam has my highest recommendation and endorsement is an understatement. I hope that you will take these words to heart and see the value and wisdom that he brings to the table.”

Co-Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine &
The Flow Consciousness Institute

"Adam is a business genius, and has the wings that will carry you to places few people dream of."

PhD, Author, Speaker and CEO Four Winds Society



"Adam offered the guidance for the orchestration of an insightful experience and the wisdom that allowed my full strength to show me the way forward. In his care and as part of his life, you will be granted the time and space you require, to redesign your life. What a gift."

Co-Founder/CEO Adventure Capitalist

"I can't tell you what an impression meeting you and reading your the book left on me.  To hand it to me right after our first face to face meeting spoke volumes about the man you have become.

I salute the inner work you've done."

Former President of Newman’s Own Organics


“Adam Hall and his community are activating something very special, a seed point of conscious evolution. Adam himself is working in many different ways through this transformational process in the world. I support Adam in all the work he does with business leaders who play such an important role in humanity's journey.”

PhD, Scientist, Author, Speaker

“I began to work with Adam around our reinventing the planet strategy. One of the things that Adam does brilliantly is, he changes contexts. He plays in context transformation. This requires a finely honed intellect.

This process is very personally expanding It's a remarkable gift. And he can play at multiple levels, the personal, and the social, and the organizational, and the field.”

Social Architect + Founder, Empowerment Institute

"Adam is truly a unique individual, I couldn't more highly recommend working with him. He has collected a deep, deep amount of wisdom. I trust Adam. It's a real gift to be in his presence where he feels you and you feel him."

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Linked Strategies