Adam is a soulful storyteller who shares and shows through direct experience, grounded material that can be applied to all areas of everyday life. Those who have experienced Adam live, have found him to be “electrifying”, “imaginative”, “Inspiring”, “insightful” “game changing”, “delivers practical ideas” “full of useful wisdom” and “funny”. “Adam delivers 100% of himself and his teachings.”


"I've witnessed Adam speak on many occasions. He knows how to capture and command a room, but not in a way that takes over, rather he creates a space where people can really come together and express themselves. His curiosity and aliveness bring out something in people, which often times was never explored before."


CEO + Founder, Conscious Business Institute

"Adam has an exceptional story of life, learnings and his zest for living. Real success for him became a deeper awareness of the purpose and power of living to serve others. He learned the value of reaching beyond the physical into the heart, mind and spirit of himself and the opportunities that arose around him. He is an enthusiastic and powerful speaker. - JAMES KWAKO, MD.



1) Soul of Business: From Leadership to Stewardship. Discover the internal dynamic of your company to redefine its purpose and mission. This talk will help executives build a new culture from the inside out. (Keynote 40-50 minutes, optional full day workshop available)

2) Life Fatigue: How I Survived Success to Find a New World of Unlimited Possibilities. This TED style talk delivers Adam’s gut wrenching personal story of breakdown to breakthrough. He reveals thirteen pearls of wisdom that will uplift the audience and transform their lives both personally and professionally. (Keynote short-form 18 minutes or long form 50-60 minutes; optional half-day workshop available)

2) Life Architecture: Live by Design not Default. Adam delivers four key strategies to redesign your relationships, work, wellness and mindset to unleash your genius. The audience will walk away feeling inspired and activated to live their highest potential at work and play.
(Keynote 45 minutes or 20 minutes; half or full day workshop can be added to either)

4) Genius Matrix: How to shift individual and company mindset from competition to cooperation, separation to synergy, me to we, silo to synchronicity, creative to co-creative, and containment to collaboration. This interactive talk will give the audience deep insights on shared purpose and mission, as well as,  individual and shared genius. (Keynote 60-80 minutes. Best for groups under 100 people; optional one day workshop.)

5) Scaling Diversity: How radical empathy can end gender inequality. Adam leans in to share his journey from narcissism and biased to radical honesty, transparency, respect and responsibility. This talk is a no holds barred presentation and ends with simple solutions for individuals and companies. (Keynote 40-50 minutes or TED style 18 minutes)

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As an MC, Adam maintains a seamless, on-time event flow, has an engaging playful nature, as well as, an eloquent presence. His experience includes events that that may combine music, dialogue, featured speakers and more. Adam can also help you design and curate an event to be remembered.