Know yourself to truly connect with others


Family, friends, partners and work mates offer you the riches of being seen and loved. They also afford you the agony of not being accepted or heard.

Creating relationships by design, shifts your experience of others from one of conditional needs and wants to one of unconditional gifts and rewards. It attracts relationships that are soul based not role based. Why work for love and meaningful connection when you can find the joy of relationships by simply being true to yourself?


Relationships are not just about being around another person. They are about sharing what is important to you.


The relationship you have with yourself takes priority. It’s not selfish to see yourself as important and be clear about what you want.

When you idolize another you diminish the meaning and purpose of the relationship.


To eliminate idolization of the other, anchor in the Radical Four Pillars:


3) Responsibility

4) Respect

1) Honesty

2) Transparency

You will experience others as they truly are, not as you desire them to be.

Healthy relationships are about healing the unloved and unlived parts of oneself and not projecting them upon another.


In relationships 1.0, we blame others for our feelings of shame, guilt and lack of love.

In relationships 2.0, we take full responsibility for what we experience in relationships.

Healthy relationships thrive when they are mindful and respectful of one anothers feelings, beliefs, and needs.


One partner can help nurture the others growth not by criticism, but by consciously allowing the other to explore all aspects of themselves.


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