Feeling Stuck? ~ Want immediate results? ~ Ready for lasting happiness?

This program will help you move through any obstacles inhibiting you from fulfilling your true life purpose and mission.  

It is custom tailored to help you transition from what no longer serves you to move toward your highest goals and objectives. All in 12 short weeks. 


You will unleash your creative genius to build more spiritual and financial wealth.

Does this describe you?

  • Your satisfaction no longer comes from money and wealth -- You know deep down inside that you have a higher purpose and can make an impact.

  • You’ve accomplished a lot, but now your focus is on your legacy and a deeper life mission. What will you leave behind when you’re gone?

  • You know what your purpose is, but turning it in to a reality has been difficult.

  • You feel unhappy and unfulfilled. You want help making a change.



Money and wealth does not equal fulfillment and if you’re reading this page then you’ve come to realize you have a greater purpose in life and want to share it with the world.

Your ability to create more wealth and impact in your business and life is directly proportional to your ability to tap your creative power. Your genius holds the power to unleash your limitless potential.

So, why does this genius remain so elusive for most?

To create a legacy and discover your legend requires a wise and experienced guide that has spent thousands of hours mastering the art of consciousness and manifestation.



“I help high performers and business leaders re-strategize their life and work to be mission aligned for greater impact and fulfillment.”

  • 25 years as a CEO/27 years as a serial entrepreneur.

  • Founder of three successful real estate development companies.  $1.5 Billion + in capital raised.

  • 2 decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose.

  • 15 years as Trained Shaman and Teacher of A Course in Miracles.

  • 16 years dedication to Conscious: Evolution, Business and Culture.

  • Published author. Guest on 60 plus radio/tv shows.

  • 40 plus talks and keynotes

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and commit to purpose and mission?

After decades of study, research, training and real time experience I have developed a proprietary program that is simple yet profound. The program is designed to:

  • Identify the source of your power and how to put it to optimal use

  • Identify the source of conflict that prevents ease and effortless flow, and remove it. 

  • Experience self love, and keep it. 

  • Experience peace and optimal well being, and live in effortless flow and happiness.

  • Build a blueprint to create power, wealth and fulfillment, and manifest it.

Join me for the Genius Process 12 week program

This program is for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders

  • Change Agents

  • Purpose and Mission Driven Leaders

  • Those who want to gain super powers and up-level their personal and professional lives

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Retiring Executives and professionals

  • Mid level or senior executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Impact Minded Individuals

[COPY TBD - Talk about the work and action that goes into achieving the dream.]


"Adam is a business genius, and has the wings that will carry you to places few people dream of."

ALBERTO VILLOLDO, PhD, Author, Speaker and CEO Four Winds Society

“I highly recommend engaging with Adam. It's not only rewarding, it's extremely fun!"

PETER MATTHIES, CEO + Founder, Conscious Business Institute

"Anybody who chooses to work with Adam will shave many years of struggle and suffering off their journey, and  step right into their own self mastery."

JUSTIN FAERMAN, Co-Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine & The Flow Consciousness Institute

"How do we take our next step so we can realize our own spiritual, social, and planetary potential? There is no course and you can't go to any university to find out. But you can call Adam Hall."

BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, Visionary, Futurist, Evolutionary Leader

The Genius Program

A 12 week program to help professionals achieve their highest potential in business and life.

Those Leaders that know their purpose and mission realize that they must go all in to create impact in a world with extraordinary challenges.



  • Customized program to meet your personal and professional objectives

  • A 1 hour, one on one recorded Zoom meeting before the sessions begin. 

  • A 1 hour, one on one recorded Zoom meeting after the sessions are completed

  • 9 hours of recorded one on one sessions total, 3 60 minute sessions per month

  • Unlimited email support

  • Bonus Videos, Articles and Assessments 

  • Optional full or half day, in person one on one session at my retreat in Santa Barbara at 35% off

Once you complete the program you can expect to:

  • Remove any obstacles that limit your potential in business and life.

  • Overcome your greatest fear and challenge.

  • Create a genius plan outline to move toward living your greatest potential. 

  • Experience certainty, self love and peace.

  • Feel rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit.


PHASE 1 - Internal Genius-Your Purpose

  • Month 1 - Discover the Source of your True Power

    • Pre Program - Establish Objectives and Customize Program.

    • Session 1 - Eliminate the Source of Conflict: Identify the single source of all conflict and, resolve and prevent their re-occurrence. 

    • Session 2 - Experience Self-Love: Learn 5 techniques to discover meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

    • Session 3 - Effortless Peaceful Living: Build a foundation of peace and lasting happiness.

PHASE 2 - External Genius-Your Expression

  • Month 2 - Applying your Power in business and life.

    • Session 1 - Discovering your Why, How and What: All success professionals have perfect clarity of their why, how and what. Find yours.

    • Session 2 - Strategy, Security and Synergy: The three S’s are the keys to optimal living and success in business. Identify how these can work for you to unleash your genius power. 

    • Session 3 - Creating wealth and maximizing your manifestation powers: True wealth is about money, power and spiritual knowledge. Find out how to align all three to create a living legacy and unlock your legend.

PHASE 3 - Integrated Genius-Your Mission

  • Month 3 - Integrating your Inner and Outer Genius

    • Session 1 - Create a blueprint to optimize power, maximize wealth and find fulfillment

    • Session 2 - Balancing Purpose and Mission

    • Session 3 - Turning on your Power and Genius

    • Post Program - {Need something here]


Schedule a no cost, 60 minute consultation to explore if this program is right for you.

I provide a lot of 1-on-1 time to my clients so space is limited.

There are only a few open spots for the fall. Admission closes October 15th.